Albanian students of architecture in Italy presented the findings of their study, conducted a few months ago, at some of the Albanian cultural monuments. These conclusions are presented at a meeting organized by the International Organization for Migration “IOM”, which was also attended by the Minister of State for Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko, who, in his speech, praised the contribution of young people to their involvement in projects. for the benefit of their country of origin, because, as never before, Albania needs its people, their knowledge and experience.

“This initiative is a perfect example of building links, sharing information and experiences of the qualified Albanian Diaspora,” the minister further said. Young scholars, part of the project “Diaspora as a resource for the preservation and improvement of lesser-known cultural monuments in Albania”, have completed their studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence, as part of the Fellowship Scheme. IOM program. They conducted the study of Albanian cultural monuments in five villages: in Përmet, in the village of Benja, Leusa, Kosina, in the mountain village of Razma, Shkodra, and the coastal village of Zvernec in Vlora.