Representatives from the National Agency of Diaspora attended the XXVI Cultural Folklore Festival for Ethnic Minorities in Santa Caterina Albanese, Calabria (Italy) organized on June 1st 2019.

The region of Calabria has a large number of the Arbëresh communities, which organize various cultural activities. Their activities aim to preserve the Arbëresh language, culture and traditions among their communities, especially among children.

This year’s conference was about the famous Arbëresh writer Francesco Antonio Santori. The event was attended by many Arbëresh personalities, such as Prof. Cettina Mazzei, Ambassador of the Nation and organizer of the event; the mayors of the municipalities of Santa Caterina Albanese and Cerzeto, Mr Lavalle and Mr Rizzo; well-known scholars of Albania, Mr Altimari and Mr Mandalà and other members of the Arbëresh community.

Part of the event was the student competition among the Arbëresh schools in Calabria; the competition focused on the literature of Santori. At the end of the conference, various prizes were awarded for the most prominent students and performers.