This weekend, in Otranto, Italy was the cultural activity “Fustanella – Adriatic Bridge”, organized by the National Diaspora Agency in collaboration with the Polo Biblio Museale of Apulia, “Integra Solidale”, the Municipality of Otranto and under the auspices of Minister of State for Diaspora.

This ethnocultural activity with the Arberesh of Italy was organized for the first time by the National Diaspora Agency to discuss cultural, Anthropological, historical and folkloric elements, with the aim of identifying the features and typical folk costumes, especially the “Fustanella”, as well as the beautiful traditional dances of the area where the Arbëresh are located, the Arberesh community of Calabria and Basilicata and of San Marzano di san Giuseppe.

Traditional Albanian costumes and folk dances, Albanian customs and Arbëresh dances in Italy, as well as traditional costumes and dances of Salento were introduced.

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