Responsible Diaspora Agencies have reported their work during 2020 to the Subcommittee on Diaspora in the Albanian Parliament. It was estimated at the meeting that the basis of action of state institutions for 2021 will be the “New National Diaspora Strategy 2021-2025” which enters into force on January 1 next year.

The Minister of State for Diaspora has reported to the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Diaspora and Migration in the Albanian Parliament regarding the achievements of his institution and its subordinate agencies in terms of work progress during 2020 and objectives for next year.

During his speech, Minister Majko assessed that: “Since 2017, two national strategies for the Diaspora have been approved. The first strategy 2018-2024 due to the rapid progress in action was “outdated”. From January 1 next year starts a new strategy that will be 2021-2025 ″

The director of the National Agency for Diaspora, Sonila Hysi said that for the academic year 2020-2021 scholarships have been offered for foreign students of Albanian origin. She said that cooperation and co-financing of projects have been established that will contribute to the progress and strengthening of ties with Albanians abroad. “The Agency in the period 2020 has benefited from a financial agreement from the EU, with the project that will support KDA in capacity and management of policies and activities for the Diaspora according to contemporary EU practices. The main activity is related to the organization of training activities for the staff of the agency and the institutions involved for the diaspora and the action plan. Benefit of the IPA 2020 project “, said among others Mrs Hysi.